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The Terrain Approach

"You cannot heal from the same soil in which you got sick unless you pluck out all the weeds." 

Dr. Nasha Winters

A Terrain-Based Approach to Cancer Care and Prevention     

     The terrain approach recognizes most cancer as a disease of metabolic dysfunction – not heredity. While conventional medicine treats the tumor, it fails to ask the more important question, how did the cancer take root in the first place?


     The terrain approach looks at the whole person and draws on a collection of tools, including nutrition, lifestyle and metabolic therapies, in order to address the root cause and bring the body back into balance. A whole body approach that addresses the root cause of the cancer can:

  1. Improve quality of life

  2. Help patients complete standard of care therapies in a timely fashion by effectively supporting their bodies through treatment

  3. Overcome drug resistance

  4. Help prevent recurrence or prevent progression

     At its core, the terrain approach aims to empower people. Conventional medicine encourages patients to be passive – the doctor administers the treatment and tests and the patient waits for the results. A terrain approach requires the patient become an active participant in the healing process.

     As the book, The Metabolic Approach to Cancer, explains:


“[The Terrain Approach] is for those who are motivated to take charge of their health and willing to make lifestyle changes. It’s about getting to know yourself, and maybe changing things you never thought possible. It’s about asking questions, and not shying away from the answers. It’s about undoing the notion that you are a victim of cancer and you have no control over the process. Because you do.”

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