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Who would benefit from a wholesale account with ORGANO™?

If you regularly purchase products and want to get them at a significant discount, or if you would like the opportunity to earn commission then becoming a wholesaler is the right option for you! Keep reading below for all the deets!

With a wholesale account, you:

  • Receive a 33% discount on all products

  • Earn commission from sales and have the opportunity to build your own team if you’d like

  • There are no purchase requirements with a wholesale account, you simply pay an annual membership fee and you’re in!


How does a wholesale account work?

It’s essentially like a Costco or Sam's Club membership for coffee! You pay an annual fee of $49.99 and from there you will receive all products at 33% off. There are no minimum purchase requirements or obligations to distribute unless you wish to do so, you can simply just down for the discount (which is what I did for the entire first year of drinking Reishi).


Once you set up your wholesale account, you’ll receive a Starter Kit that contains several samples for you to try such as coffees and hot chocolate!


Here’s how you can set up your wholesale account:

  1. To get started, click here.

  2. Select your country.

  3. Next, you’ll see my name (Michelle Ciavola) and Distributor ID (10003439427)  at the top of the page.

  4. Scroll down and click ‘Join Now’ then select your country and click ‘ok’

  5. Click ‘Distribution Partner Sign Up’ (again, this is wholesale, but with an option to distribute if you choose)

  6. Read and agree to the terms

  7. Add the English ‘Starter Kit’ to your order (*Note: If there is a member promo going on, select the promotion instead.)

  8. Add products you would like to purchase to your order: Scroll down to ‘Create Your First Order’ and use the dropdown menu to select any additional items that you would like shipped to you *PRO TIP: I recommend ordering 2+ products in your first order – you get a better value on shipping this way! If you love the King coffee, there’s a 3 pack available which would also be great for you to have on hand if you decide you want to share samples with your audience!

  9. Select ‘Autoship Selection’: I suggest setting up autoship (if you would like to) on your second order. Simply select ‘Skip Autoship’. 

  10. Complete your personal information and select a username/password.

  11. You will be asked to enter your SSN *Note: Any time you set up a wholesale account you are required to give your SSN or business tax ID because this is an income opportunity. Even if you do not choose to share products with anyone, you still have the opportunity to make income, so your social is required by law for tax purposes.

  12. Choose your Business Site Address *Note: This is the name you would like in your web address (for sharing your link to Organo with others) – It is not a requirement to share Organo with others, but you do still need to enter a Business Site Address. *Example: Mine is “VolaHealth” – you can make yours anything you’d like.

  13. Select ‘Payment Info’.

  14. Complete your purchase and sign up!


*If you find it easier, you can reference this video to help you walk through setting up a wholesale account.



I’m happy to help! The best way to contact me is to send me an email: If you need further assistance setting up your account, I recommend contacting Organo’s Customer Service @ 877. 674. 2661.

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