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Metabolic Cancer & Wellness Coaching

Providing one-on-one support for the successful implementation of therapeutic nutrition strategies, keto for cancer & other complimentary metabolic therapies to improve your terrain and help you thrive

Bridging the Gap Between Practitioner & Patient

     Change is a necessary part of the metabolic, terrain approach to cancer. But making diet and lifestyle changes, finding practitioners, ordering regular lab work and employing new therapies can be overwhelming and challenging. Sometimes it can be difficult to know how — or where — to start. 

     As a certified terrain advocate, I partner with you. Working with your personalized healing plan created by a terrain-trained practitioner, I help you adopt and implement the necessary changes to improve your terrain. Whether it's sourcing supplements, ordering lab work, assisting with low-carb or ketogenic diet changes, or digging deeper to provide guidance and suggestions on important lifestyle changes, my goal is to help alleviate the overwhelm as you navigate your healing journey and ensure you are set up for success.  


"The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

- Socrates

Meet Michelle Ciavola

Certified Cancer Terrain Advocate

In 2017, my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. As with most cancer diagnoses, it came as a complete shock to our family. We found ourselves saying, "How on earth could this have happened? She was so healthy!" 

Within days of diagnosis, we were swept into a new world where we felt forced to make important, life-altering decisions immediately, yet lacked the certainty of knowing if we chose correctly. 

The doctors didn't have any answers other than her cancer was just "bad luck." So, I spent hours researching, participating in message boards and...

DL3A2773 copy.jpg

What I Can Help With...

Locating Practitioners

Therapeutic Nutrition

Creating a Healthy Enviroment

Tools & Complimentary Metabolic


Epigenetic Guidance and Support

"Since working with Michelle, I have learned how to achieve a high level of therapeutic ketosis. I have learned how to eat to nourish and heal my body. I have learned about detoxification, stress management, and expanded my diet.  Michelle is compassionate, caring, understanding, motivating, and knowledgeable. I learned so much and it has sparked such an interest in me. So much so, that I am considering training to become a terrain advocate myself."

Vanessa A.

Las Vegas, Nevada

What is a Terrain-Based Approach to Cancer Care and Prevention?

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Fill out the contact form to schedule your free  30-minute strategy session. 


During this session, we’ll discuss where you are in your cancer journey and determine if we’re a fit to work together on a deeper level. If so, we'll talk about the next steps. Come prepared with your questions — I'm happy to offer guidance and support!

Thanks for reaching out!

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